Happy Father’s Day…..

….. to all the wonderful dads out there.

To the dads who, like my husband Dave, work long hours at a job, then come home and play basketball (still wearing a tie) with the boys who want nothing more than to play with their dad, even if it’s  just for a few minutes.

To the dads of little girls, who let their daughters paint their toenails pink.

To the single dads, who leave a 20 dollar bill under a pillow in exchange for a tooth, because they just don’t have anything smaller.

To the stay-at-home dads, who change diapers, supervise homework, and nurture kids as well as any mom out there.

To the dads who don’t live with their kids, but still find a way to stay engaged with them.

To the single moms, who seek out the wonderful men in their lives to love their children, and step up themselves, because there just isn’t a dad.

To the dads, like my own, who can still make their adult children laugh by making a funny face.

To the dads who teach their kids to play a  sport, to fish, or to play guitar, just because they want to share something they love with someone they love.

To the dads who have been thrown up on, had a runny nose wiped on their shirt, or have had a diaper seemingly explode in the back seat of a new car.

To the dads who play endless games of Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, and Monopoly, when all they want to do is sit and read the newspaper.

To the dads who pretend to eat play-doh hamburgers and sip tea out of tiny plastic teacups.

To the dads who say “I love you” to teenagers being dropped off at school, because they know that when these kids are just a little bit older, they’ll say it back again.

Happy Father’s Day, from the moms, kids and everyone who loves you.

Dave and boys


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