Why DID we get a dog?

In July, we will have had our dog Allie for 2 years.  She’s the first dog I’ve ever owned (and I say *I*, it’s because despite the fact that there are four humans living in our house, as the only female besides the dog, the majority of the pet care responsibility seems to fall to me.

There are some definite advantages to having a dog.  I’ve made lots of new friends being out and about with a little fluffy white dog.  Most of them are 7-year-old girls, but whatever.  And our dog is the only creature living in our house who unfailingly wakes up in a good mood, happy to see me.  Sometimes, she is completely content to just curl up in my lap and sit there.  And she rarely asks me questions that I can’t answer.

Unfortunately, nothing’s perfect.  The dog was no easier to get to stop peeing on the floor than either of my boys were at a young age.  And she seemed even less motivated by a sticker chart than they were.  The dog likes to dig around in the yard and eat whatever rabbit poop she can find.  She seems to enjoy licking sweat off our guests’ legs. Just gross.

Our neighborhood seems practically overrun with dogs over the past few years.  Why is that?  I like to think that I wasn’t under the impression that we were getting a dog because we were going to teach our kids a lesson about responsibility, or because we thought we needed to do what everyone else was doing.  Since I’d never had a dog before, I had no idea how much work was involved and that we’d always have to find someone to take care of her if we left the house for a while.  But I also didn’t know how much I’d grow to love something that only weighs 10 pounds.

I think that maybe we were all just looking for a wet nose and some fluffy white love.


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