Peace. Love. Boobs.

I finally went yesterday for an overdue mammogram.

As women, I think we have a complicated relationship with our breasts.  We’re curious about them before they arrive, and anxious to have them.  Then, once we’ve got them, many of us think there’s something wrong with them – too big, too little, too squishy, too saggy.  And when we use them for their “real” purpose – nursing a baby – even that can be complicated.  I breastfed one of my sons for just three weeks before things got so difficult that I just had to stop.  The other, I was able to nurse blissfully for a full year.  Why?  Who knows.  Like I said, it’s complicated.

So, why do we put off our mammograms?  For some of us, just finding the few hours it sometimes takes is difficult.  For many others, it’s fear.

And once we do finally get ourselves there, there are emotions that come up once we shed our clothes and put on that gown.  There are the “what ifs” …. what if they find something? … what if it hurts?  (And by the way, yes, it hurts.  Let’s be honest – they’re smashing your breasts between two glass plates.  Some say it’s “uncomfortable.”  I find it downright painful.  But really, it’s so quick).  And for some of us, it’s just that vulnerable feeling of standing there topless with a stranger who is manhandling your breasts with rubber gloves.

But here’s the bottom line, which we all know.  Relatively speaking, this is a quick procedure, and if they DO find something suspicious on your mammogram, the earlier they do, the better.  I’m happy to say that my mammogram (as well as the ultrasound, which is now prescribed my my doctor because I’m the proud owner of “dense” breasts) was clear.

Peace. Love. Boobs.  Go get your mammogram.


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