Oh, please.

Someone was tailgating me on the highway this morning.  Definitely one of my pet peeves, partly because it’s annoying and dangerous, and partly because it feels like a judgment on my driving, like I’m not going fast enough.

I know how silly that is, but I realized that for a lot of us, a pet peeve sometimes has more to do with us than they do about the person who is perpetrating said peeve.


For example, it bugs me when I’m having a conversation with someone, and they’re doing something else, like watching TV, checking something on their phone, or looking around at other people.  Because I assume that not only is this person just rude, but whatever they are being distracted by must be way more interesting than whatever is coming out of my mouth.

But then again, I get annoyed by things that have little to do with me or any insecurity I might have.  Why do some people insist on leaving on their sunglasses when they come inside?  I’ll give you a pass if you have some vision impairment that requires you to be protected from indoor light.  Or if you’re hung over.  But otherwise, please take them off.

I’m going to consider the next one a cross between a pet peeve and a fashion tip.  If you are wearing leggings, they are not pants.  Repeat, NOT pants.  Don’t get me wrong, leggings are comfy and cute.  I have some too.  But if you wear them, please wear something that covers your behind.  That’ll be all.

And here’s another one.  Anyone who has kids (including myself) knows that sometimes they get loud or misbehave.  Sometimes at the same time.  I promise I will not judge you if this happens in the supermarket.  You will, in fact, get my sympathy.  But here’s what I don’t get.  People will pull a screaming toddler out of a shopping cart (and leave behind a cart of groceries that it’s taken 40 minutes to fill while they’ve tried to entertain this toddler).  But if this happens in a restaurant, we’d all love it if you’d take this toddler somewhere else until he or she can be a little quieter.  I’m sure that shallot cream sauce on your plate is delicious, but please don’t wait until you’ve finished all of it.

And one more thing. I know what you’re sayin’.  You don’t need to ask.


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